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Plans and Pricing


A great choice for content marketing beginners. Perfect for individual users and small projects


Immediate access to all functions
Get for free
  • An intuitive user-friendly interface to manage the whole ecosystem
  • All essential content, management, and sending functions
  • Integration with sending services and free push notifications
*Extra charges for content orders and purchases, as well as SMS messages (in the account of the integrated SMS provider)

For those who want to continue improving content-based customer interactions. Perfect for medium-sized teams

Starts at $399
per month

Advanced functions and support
  • Up to 10 users with various roles
  • Expanded segment, content, and profile storage capacity
  • Up to 50,000 profiles (expansion available)
  • Content-based campaigns (with your own or purchased content)
  • Website and sending service integration assistance

A plan that grows together with your business. Perfect for fast-growth or large companies


Tailored to your business
Contact us
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited content, segmentation, and sending capacity
  • 500,000+ profiles with automated expansion
  • Any integrations with third-party CRM, CDP, and sending services
  • Priority support

Special Plan

Can’t decide what features you need exactly? Or need a different plan tailored to your needs?
Reach out to us and we will create a custom plan at a special price for you.

Contact us

Compare the Plans

AVAILABLE OPTIONS Starter Get for free Team Purchase Premium Purchase
Joint team account Up to 2 users Up to 10 users Unlimited
Account roles      
Website registration 1 website Up to 5 websites(can be exceeded)
Over websites limit:$5/month per website
Content orders
Content purchases in the Marketplace and custom content orders are additional charges for any subscription plan. Payments are made within the just platform.
Up to 10 per month Up to 30 per month Unlimited
Content creation      
Content storage Up to 50 content items Up to 100 content items Unlimited
Marketplace access and content purchasing      
API for content publishing      
Capacity Up to 5,000 profiles Up to 50,000 profiles(can be exceeded)
Over capacity limit:$0.01/month per profile
500,000+ profiles
Segmentation Up to 10 segments Up to 30 segments Unlimited
Integrations with SMS sending services
just provides API integration, statistics, and a UI for campaigns. The client creates an account and pays for sendouts under the terms of the agreement with the chosen third-party sending service.
Slooce or Vonage Any Any
Integrations with push notification services Built-in only Onesignal or justPush Any
Manual campaigns      
Content-based campaigns      
Interest-based campaigns      
Insights and recommendations      
Website and sending service integration assistance      
Priority support      

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the free plan and the paid monthly plans?

The free plan allows access to all the features of the platform, but on the basic level only, no expansions available. You can only use the SMS sending services that can be integrated with the platform quickly. For push notifications, you can only use the built-in sending service. The free plan offers a great introduction to the ecosystem of services. It suits best for small projects and teams of 1-2.

I am using the free plan. Do I have to pay for content orders?

The answer is yes. Authentic, engaging, multilingual content can only be created by real authors. Unfortunately, we cannot predict your content needs and include them into a plan. This is why you can only order or acquire content from the Marketplace at an extra charge, no matter what plan you're on. All payment operations are secure and take place within the platform. The details of your payments will be available in the Finances section of your account.

How much do sendouts cost and how do I pay for them?

Before you start sending messages to your customers, you need to find a suitable sending service provider, choose one of their plans and create an account on their platform. You will make all payments for the sendouts and the chosen subscription plan directly to the sending service provider. In our turn, we will provide a campaign interface, integration with popular sending systems (SMS, push), and analytics functionality for interests, actions, and general data in the profiles of your audience. If you can't choose a sending service provider on your own, contact us — we'll help.

I need a bigger profile/website storage capacity, what do I do?

The profile/website capacity will be expanded automatically when you reach the limit specified in your subscription plan. The fee for surplus profiles/websites is: $.01 per extra profile per month, $5 per extra website per month. The fee will be added to your monthly payment. Storage capacity expansion is not available in the Starter plan.

Who creates content in just? Can I contact an author directly?

We pay special attention to the quality of our content, this is why just is a closed platform. An author can only join us if our editor-in-chief decides they qualify and if they create enough quality content that meets meet our requirements. Thus, the content available in our Marketplace is of premium quality. Any direct interaction with authors is impossible; all questions should be referred to the authors through editors.