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Only send relevant content based on customer interests


Send ready-made content to the customers who will be interested — really interested — in it. Integrate with any communications systems and popular channels.


What communications platforms are there and how to choose one for your business?

Communications platforms are professional platforms that enable customer communications across different channels. Simpler platforms rely on a single channel, omnichannel ones optimize communications based on the preferences of content consumers.

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Increase engagement using favorite channels

Customers should only receive the content that is sure to engage them. They should also receive it in the channel where they prefer to consume content.


Customer actions will reveal which channel is the best for them AND you


Besides customer interests, it is also important to track customer actions across channels. Choose the channel that suits your business and your customers best.

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Segment your audience by actions and interests

We will create or select the most relevant content for this segment

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Easy API integration


There are numerous communications platforms that can already provide a high‑quality transmission path. We enable easy integration with any of those, so you won’t have to switch anything. And if you haven’t found your communications platform yet, we’ll suggest which one you could choose.

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